Download Basis Trader Software

Basis Trader Software

The Basis Trader.exe software will be downloaded as a self extracting zip file. By default the install code will be downloaded to a BTinstall folder on your desktop. You can direct the code to be saved to a different location by specifying a different folder name when asked if you would like to save the software. Begin the installation process by executing the setup.exe file. If you choose to run on download, the install code will be saved to your temp directory. Click here (Basis Trader download) to begin the download.The file is large and therefore subject to being damaged on download. If you get a message to this effect when attempting to run the setup, erase the damaged files and repeat the download. After running the setup program, Basis Trader will be found in your list of “all programs”. You should delete the zip and install folders from your desktop after installation.

The Basis Trader game contains Tutorials included in the Help file. However if you would like to down load the Help and Tutorial file as a stand alone compiled html file Click here Basis Trader Help and Tutorials. Like the Basis Trader game, the help/Tutorials will be downloaded as a self extracting zip file.